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You’re Going To Want To Call “Dr. Frank” After Listening To BIGMOO, Jeonghyeon and Funk D’s New Cheeky Tech House

When we are in desperate need of a high-energy track, we can take one look at Purple Fly and have all our answers. On our latest visit to Purple Fly we are checking out “Dr. Frank”, the latest drop from …

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Italian Dance Icon From 90s – Get Far, Debuts On NFT-Fueled Label Purple Fly with “Love It,” in Collaboration with LennyMendy,

If you haven’t been keeping this label in your crosshairs for some time now, then where have you been? On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out “Love It”, the latest drop from Get Far. For …

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Pink Panda and Renato S Debut on Purple Fly Record Label With Uplifting Future House Anthem “We Just People”

While a ranking system is just another metric for you to measure your success by, placing on those charts does have its perks. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking “We Just People”, the latest drop …

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BLVD. Releases His 2nd Studio Album “Globo” – a World Cup Themed Body of Work Featuring Guaynaa, R.City, Dylan Fuentes, and more

Even though we might be boycotting the World Cup on a personal level doesn’t mean we can’t showcase an artist’s work surrounding the event. On our latest visit to Purple Fly we are checking out Globo, the lastest drop from …

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The Stafford Brothers Remake Safri Duo’s Mainstage Anthem “Played-A-Live.” Out Now on Purple Fly

When you want to pay homage to those that came before you, it is time to put your modern touch on the project. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out “Played-A-Live”, the latest release from …

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Sevenn Returns To Purple Fly with Cinematic Fusion of Hybrid Techno and Pop – “Running From Love” With BIGMOO and Sarah De Warren

You may have some great success in today’s day in age releasing all of your music by yourself, yet once the Purply Fly lands it is a bit difficult to escape. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we …

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Felix Samuel, Lodato, & Quando Join Purple Fly With Cheeky Vocal House “You Can’t Make Me Come”

Sometimes you find that one element of a project that just hooks you early on, with a connection so deep you have to insert yourself into the production. On our lastest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out …

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Swedish Producer Behmer Returns to Purple Fly With BIGMOO & Victor Perry For Dark Single “Genesis”

Once you’ve been infected by the Purple Fly, there is no chance of escaping. On our latest visit over to the label we are checking out “Genesis”, the latest from Behmer, BIGMOO, and Victor Perry. For those of you who …

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Moodygee, Azooland & Jordan Grace Team Up For Organic House Single “Higher” On Purple Fly

We thought we could escape from the Purple Fly, we thought wrong. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out “Higher”, the latest single from Moodygee, Azooland, and Jordan Grace. For those of you who haven’t …

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Stafford Brothers Return To Purple Fly With Club Anthem “Rage,” Showcasing Their Sonic Diversity

It’s been a bit since we’ve been bitten by the Purple Fly bug, so we might as well go see what is going on in their neck of the woods. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are …

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