Toronto Rapper Lex Leosis Drops New “Mythologies” Album, Exploring Facets of Life Through Hip-Hop

When you dive into a world such as rap and hip-hop, you’ll need to be ready to push the competition out of the way to make more room. Today we were treated to “Se Miso”, a brand new single from Lex Leosis and her new album Mythologies. Shaped by the growing Toronto music scene, Lex Leosis found herself wandering the west end as she searched for the right stage, while also learning discipline in her craft. Eventually finding it through rap competitions and online communities, Lex Leosis spun her web of creatives and uprooted her life multiple times to join them all around the US. Over the last two you, Lex has been actively growing her own hip-hop collective, The Sorority, and has received plenty of critical acclaim from their debut album and multiple national tours.

If we have learned anything about Lex Leosis throughout our research, it would be that if we are stuck in a rap battle we would want Lex on our side. She’s loud, opinionated, and has plenty of attack power behind ever word she spits. Her latest album Mythologies is a solid example of Lex’s Toronto hip-hop sound, letting her push her rhymes to the forefront while telling a deeper story from within. Mythologes was crafted in three parts: Life, Destiny, and Death, each inspired to the legendary Fates of Greek mythology. Throughout each track on the album, Lex explores common social constructs and the rather enlightening yet endless circular path that every individual walks. Lex Leosis is an artist to watch for a deeper and richer hip-hop experience.

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