Spag Heddy Explores The Myriad of Human Emotions On Melodic Dubstep Single “Never Thought,” Featuring Micah Martin, From His Forthcoming Debut Album “The Noodle Effect”

Even when you have a clear picture of an artist’s sound in your memory, when they willingly experiment with their formula you can snag some interesting gems. On our latest peek at the EDM world we are checking out “Never Thought”, the latest drop from Spag Heddy and Micah Martin. Spag Heddy is a dubstep artist from the Netherlands who has been making music since 2011. His style is a mix of hard-hitting and melodic sounds that have earned him acclaim from industry tastemakers and fans alike. He has collaborated with many famous artists and his music can be heard in sets by Skrillex, Excision, and other big names. He has toured with Zomboy and Flux Pavilion and headlined his own tours around the world. Spag Heddy is about to release his most exciting project yet and is on his way to becoming a top artist in the genre.

With ‘Never Thought,’ I wanted to make a song that didn’t focus on basslines but rather on a grand, majestic melodic theme. Micah‘s powerful voice and big, atmospheric style was the perfect fit for this one. His voice and lyrics gave the song emotional depth that, together with the uplifting melody and raw bass cuts, feels like a journey that ends in a big sort of space-battle climax. More than just a melodic dubstep song, to me, it’s a story of human emotion and music as an escape.” – Spag Heddy

I was on tour with my band and recorded this topline in the trailer on an off day. Hurricane Irma had just blown into Atlanta at the same time we did, so we had to pull over. After getting out of the trailer, I realized quite a few tall trees had blown over, and maybe recording in the middle of hurricane winds in the forest wasn’t the smartest idea. I sent to Spag Heddy, and the rest is history!” – Micah Martin

Spag Heddy, known for his intensive bass and unique house sounds, has made a captivating return with his latest single titled “Never Thought.” This time, he decided to take a slightly different direction by collaborating with Micah Martin, the rock/alt-pop singer from The Zealots band. Together, they have created a musical journey that delves into the depths of human emotion. “Never Thought” begins with a sense of yearning through its wistful vocals and delicate piano melodies. Spag Heddy carefully constructs the track, gradually building up the anticipation. As the song progresses, it takes an unexpected turn into a cinematic dubstep-style drop. The combination of Micah Martin’s evocative singing and Spag Heddy’s production expertise creates a sonic experience that fully encapsulates the rich and intricate spectrum of emotions embedded within the composition. This single represents a significant shift for Spag Heddy as it is arguably his most emotionally charged release to date. Rather than focusing solely on creating headbanging anthems, he showcases his versatility and dives into the intricate world of human feelings. “Never Thought” serves as a testament to Spag Heddy’s growth as an artist, demonstrating his ability to explore diverse musical avenues while maintaining his signature sound.

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