Singer/Songwriter Mads Langer Teases Upcoming Album With Emotionally Powerful Single “Lightning”

After all this time, we are thrilled that people understand that love has universal power, especially when amplified by the power of music. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Lightning”, the latest single from Mads Langer. Hailing from the wonderful country of Denmark, Langer grew up on a steady diet of classic musicians like Neil Young, Rickie Lee Jones, and Bob Dylan…before tossing it all temporarily aside by joining a Rage Against The Machine cover band. Snagging his taste of the professional music life, Langer left the band and embarked on a solo career and caught the attention of millions thanks to Langer’s acoustic cover of “You’re Not Alone” by Olive. With the single video netting Langer over 4 million views on YouTube, his career skyrocketed. Over the seven years Langer has been rocking solo, he’s got 4 albums and 2 EPs under his belt, over 38 million online streams, and 438k monthly Spotify listeners! Fun fact, back in May 2020 Langer was actually the first musician to perform a concert during the pandemic, leading to the rise and resurgence of drive-in concerts!

The music video for Lightning is a tribute to the kiss, to diversity, inclusivity and free love,My friend and very talented actor, Alex Høgh Andersen, plays the main character in the video. I’m so proud of the result and all the beautiful people in itMostly I’m proud of those of my friends and those from my family and everyone who have the courage to stand up for who they are and for who they love even though they don’t fit into the hereronormative box. A box that some people mistakingly think is the only box that true love can fit inot. This is most of all a tribute to those who live in places and communities where they are not allowed to be who they are. Love is love.” – Mads Langer
While many of us have friendships and relationships that are just on the surface level, it is in human nature that we wish to be recognized on a much deeper level. Langer explores that concept in “Lightning”, which in turn explores that moment when you feel that you’ve met a special person in your life…that both of you feel the same way at the same moment. While the track veers close to typical indie-pop single tropes, Langer steers clear to provide listeners with an emotionally powerful earwormy single with an important message.  All in all “Lightning” is an ode to a kiss, the little intimate moments, inclusivity, and free love. Frankly, we need more songs like this one to run wild in the mainstream as more people need to hear Langer’s message. Make sure you check out Langer’s upcoming album Where Oceans Meet (which features “Lightning”) when it drops in full this fall.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Lightning” on YouTube below!

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