Nevada Rockers Too Close For Comfort Release New Pop-Punk Single “Burn Bright”, Debut LP Out Soon!

Alright, let’s face it….when you are in a desert state like Nevada, you’re going to have plenty of time to create your personal style of music. On our latest dive into the pop-punk world we are checking out “Burn Bright”, the latest single from Too Close For Comfort. Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Too Close For Comfort is a relatively new band to the professional music scene, aiming to bring their version of pop-punk to the masses. Originally formed back in 2021, Too Close For Comfort immediately began writing their debut LP We Only Live Here On This Planet For So Long. Over the last year Too Close For Comfort has been tirelessly working in the studio, carefully crafting and evolving their own variation on the tried and true pop-punk sound during its next resurgence. The band has been slowly teasing the release of this album, with this latest single “Burn Bright” being the final major drop before the LP drops later this month.

When you chose to tackle a hybrid genre like pop-punk, you have to spend plenty of time and figure out which side of the spectrum you are going to fall on. In the case of Too Close For Comfort, while they are still very early in their career it seems like they found that sweet spot. The band’s style lands as a fusion of catchy pop choruses with layers of harmonies and punk-driven instrumentals, such as heavily layered guitars filling out their sound in “Burn Bright” to give their style a more rock music focus. However, you don’t necessarily want to fully commit to either side of the spectrum, otherwise, you will alienate the other side. If you are a fan of this latest wave of pop-punk and alternative rock, then Too Close For Comfort may just earn themselves a slot on your next playlist.

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Too Close For Comfort

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