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Nashville Indie-Pop Group Nightly Drop “Not Like You”, 2nd Quarantine Single Under BMG

If we have learned anything since we started branching out and covering more music in the indie realm, it’s that Nashville is one scene that is grossly overlooked. This week on our indie deep dive we have “Not Like You” from the Nashville indie-pop group Nightly. Quarantine has caused the modern music industry as a whole to screech to a grinding halt, but the stragglers that are out there still making music are using these now normal limitations to challenge their creativity. While they officially debuted with their first EP back in 2016, Nightly has been racking up millions of streams online with their successful single “XO”. Nightly has recently received a fresh start in 2020. reinventing their sound after leaving Interscope Records for BMG Recordings. Now armed with a new creative vision, Nightly had been busy with at least two new singles crafted in quarantine.
“While the lyrics of the new track are about heartbreak, Nightly, have a way of turning it into a gummy, glossy pop confection you just can’t resist. ” –Variance
Their official second quarantine single, “Not Like You” is an addictively bouncy pop track that is perfect for us to embrace the summer…at least as much as we can. The track embodies the idea of fleeting chances, of that moment when you know that if you don’t shoot your shot you very well might not have another chance. This single is an official follow up to their first quarantine hit “You Should Probably Just Hang Up” and their crooner collab “The Movies” with Charli Adams. If the success that “You Should Probably Just Hang Up” is receiving as it climbs the Radio Disney charts tells us anything, it’s that “Not Like You” is perfect for the world right now.
Make sure you check out “Not Like You” on Soundcloud below!

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