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Canadian Producer and Guitarist Sparkee Releases Nu-Disco/Funk-Influenced Single “Feel Alive”

With so many gatekeepers knocked out of the way, the path is clear for any producer/artist to self-release music without the help of a label. On our latest dive into the EDM pool we are checking out “Feel Alive”, the newest single from Sparkee. A talented up and comer producer hailing from Canada, Sparkee has been catching the attention of both fans and tastemakers alike. After bursting onto the scene with his official remix of Tiesto’s mega-hit “The Business”, Sparkee showcased his skills in producing quality remixes for multiple high-energy singles. Sparkee took this response as a challenge, and during the 2021 pandemic set out on an official challenge for himself. All throughout 2021 Sparkee released one remix for every week throughout the year, quickly cultivating a loyal audience that is eagerly waiting for Sparkee’s next drop. So far, Sparkee has a fresh new catalog of tracks and has released on a handful of labels such as Musical FreedomMonstercat, and Atlantic Records. 

Can we just say that we are absolutely loving the freshness of independent artists in the music world nowadays? The fact that it is becoming even more commonplace to revive genres that have passed their prime with a modern twist has us more intrigued than ever by powerhouses in the space. While this latest drop from Sparkee, “Feel Alive”, is our introduction to this talented up and comer, we can already tell that we’re going to hop on the bandwagon. “Feel Alive” is a feel-good single that showcases Sparkee’s signature nu-disco sound and highlights a funky electric guitar solo for good measure. Are we sure that “Feel Alive” even belongs in this era? We’re suspicious that Sparkee might have figured out time travel and just uses it to rip music from the past for audiences in the present.  We’ll be right back, we’re going to deep dive into the rest of Sparkee’s discography real quick.

Make sure you check out “Feel Alive” on Spotify below!

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