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Spag Heddy 2.0 Summons Flying Spaghetti Monster for 5-track “The Big Boil” EP. Out Now on Tomato Bass

Spag Heddy rides again! On our latest visit to Tomato Bass we are checking out “The Big Boil” EP, the latest drop from Spag Heddy. Spag Heddy is a dubstep artist from the Netherlands who has been making music since 2011. His style is a mix of hard-hitting and melodic sounds that have earned him acclaim from industry tastemakers and fans alike. He has collaborated with many famous artists and his music can be heard in sets by Skrillex, Excision, and other big names. He has toured with Zomboy and Flux Pavilion and headlined his own tours around the world

It’s been a year since I released my debut album, so it is high time for a new body of work. With ‘The Noodle Effect,’ I showcased more of myself and brought a variety of styles to the table that I had not shown before. In the void that came after the release of it, I’ve taken time off to reflect on my music path and gone back to find inspiration in places where I would look in the early days of my career. EpticSkrillexKnife Party, are some of the main musical influences for the spirit of ‘The Big Boil‘ EP, as well as very old (unfinished) songs of myself. This EP feels like Spag Heddy 2.0, continuing where I left off but with a refined recipe.” – Spag Heddy

After the quiet period following his debut album “The Noodle Effect,” Spag Heddy back with heavy-hitting tunes that revisit his roots. The EP kicks off with the ominous “Revenge of the Meatballs,” followed by the intense “Gameplay” with its stabbing synths and grinding bass. “R’amen” blends pseudo-religious hymns with devastating beats, while “Get ‘Em” serves as the hype track perfect for clubs or gyms. The EP concludes with “Sonic Beef,” a triumphant and cosmic finale.

Old school fans will appreciate the nostalgic return to Spag Heddy’s original sound, while new listeners will enjoy the diverse and powerful tracks. Catch a live session of the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster soon to experience this sonic feast in person.

Make sure you check out “The Big Boil EP” on Spotify below!

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