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Producers sumthin sumthin & Mirror Maze Embrace “Technicolor”…Through The World of Bass Music

The electric bass world is consistently growing, ever-flourishing,.and allows talented artists to find their homes. On our latest peek into the bass world we are checking out “Technicolor”, the latest drop from sumthin sumthin and Mirror Maze.  When two musically brilliant minds like today’s artists join forces, you know that the result will be graced by Midas.  sumthin sumthin has been incredibly busy throughout the last few years, catching the attention of fans and tastemakers in the industry with his unique style. Having major drops on both Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats and Jadu Dala, sumthin sumthin has kept up the momentum and snagged his place under the spotlight with his numerous mind-bending collaborations and unique approaches to bass music.  On the flip side is Mirror Maze, who has been holding audiences in limbo to see where he moves next in his career. Mirror Maze has been actively entertaining the masses via live streams over on Electric Hawk as well as via productions with Vide, VCTRE, sumthin sumthin, and Abelation just to name a few. 

Izzy (Mirror Maze) and I became really close over the pandemic, I was immediately impressed when I heard his music for the first time and knew we had to create something in the future without putting too much pressure on each other. This track expressed exactly that, he started this immaculate track idea and without any pressure I decided to hop in and see what I could do. After a few hours we tapped into the same energy towards the track and came up with something we both believe to be special. This track channeled some sort of old school technological nostalgia, hence the name “Technicolor” as if you are searching through the channels of an old analogue TV.” sumthin sumthin

CJ and I became really close over the first lockdown of the pandemic, and we just knew we had to make something special between our sounds without pressure. One day we had some friends over at the house while I was producing and CJ came in my room enjoying the little loop I started, so I immediately had him hop on. We spent the rest of the night having a blast putting together this track that made us feel a certain nostalgia of scrubbing channels on an old TV, hence the title “Technicolor”.”Mirror Maze

With so many different subgenres and styles underneath the bass music umbrella, sometimes we find it difficult to find the right slot for the right track to just slide right in. Today’s release, “Technicolor”, happens to be one of those drops. While the track doesn’t necessarily have a fantastical and surreal world music sound to it, “Technicolor” instead appears weirdly mesmerizing and sparks feelings of puzzlement, but on the interesting side of the spectrum. The single generates this feeling that we are existing in a retro CRT television, almost as if this is a modern music take on the chaos that exists within the static. Both sumthin sumthin and Mirror Maze excel on this balancing act of musical styles that they created, dipping between traditional bass music, dubstep, and experimental bass. If you are interested in a surreal audio experience to liven up your day, it is time for you to experience “Technicolor”.

Make sure you check out “Technicolor” on Spotify below!

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