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Tiësto and Lucas & Steve Collaborate on Electrifying Single “Zenless” with Silent Child, Serving as Official Soundtrack From Highly Anticipated Urban Fantasy Action Role-Playing Game – Zenless Zone Zero, Out on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android

In a collaboration of massive proportions, kicking off this week we are checking out “Zenless”, the brand new single from Tiesto, Lucas & Steve, Silent Child, San-Z, and the new game “Zenless Zone Zero”. GRAMMY® Award-winning, platinum-certified icon Tiësto has made an undeniable impact on the music world, with over 8 billion streams, 36 million record sales, and a massive social media following of 30 million. Known as “The Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag, the #1 DJ by Rolling Stone, and “The Godfather of EDM” by Billboard, Tiësto’s journey from underground dance hits to Las Vegas residencies and mainstream success has set the standard in the EDM genre. His innovative approach and ability to stay relevant have made him a trailblazer and inspiration for many.

On a similar note, Dutch duo Lucas & Steve have captivated audiences worldwide with their high-energy DJ sets and a string of catchy hits that blend festival anthems with pop sensibilities. They burst onto the scene in the late 2010s and quickly rose to fame with tracks like “Perfect” (feat. Haris), their reimagined “No Diggity” with Blackstreet, and the 2021 anthem “Anywhere With You” with Afrojack and Dubvision. Their latest hits, “When I Wake Up” and “End Of Time,” continue to rack up millions of streams, proving their staying power as they energize festival crowds around the globe with their infectious sound.

It’s our second collaboration with Tiësto, and we are always super inspired to work with him. It was always a dream to make an anthem for a game, so when HoYoverse asked Tiësto and us to make this song for them, it was a dream coming true. We love Zenless Zone Zero, and we can’t wait to have this anthem out.” – Lucas & Steve

In a monumental collaboration, Grammy-winning Tiësto and the Dutch duo Lucas & Steve have joined forces for “Zenless,” the theme song for HoYoverse’s much-anticipated urban fantasy action RPG “Zenless Zone Zero,” which boasted over 40 million pre-registrations. This dark techno track seamlessly blends Tiësto’s big-room beats with Lucas & Steve’s futuristic soundscapes, capturing the vibrant, neon-drenched world of the game. Infused with samples from “Zenless Zone Zero,” the track transports listeners to New Eridu, the last bastion of humanity, where players battle supernatural disasters known as “Hollows.”

Released on July 4th alongside the game on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android, “Zenless” is available on all streaming platforms via Spinnin’ Records/Musical Freedom in collaboration with HoYoverse. Known for their work on titles like “Genshin Impact” and “Honkai Impact 3rd,” HoYoverse has crafted an immersive experience where players navigate the treacherous Hollows, assemble unique characters, and unravel the mysteries of New Eridu, all to the pulse-pounding beats of Tiësto and Lucas & Steve’s anthem.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Zenless” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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