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EDM Veterans Darren Porter and XiJaro & Pitch Join Foreces For “Reach for the Stars”, Out Now on Dreamstate Records

On our latest visit to Dreamstate we are checking out “Reach for the Stars”, the latest from Darren Porter and XiJaro & Pitch. Darren Porter, a prominent British DJ and music producer, discovered his passion for electronic music in his early teens, driven by a fascination with synthesizers and sound design. He has since established himself as a leading figure in the trance music scene with a distinct style characterized by powerful melodies, intricate soundscapes, and energetic beats. Darren’s breakthrough came through successful releases on labels like Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, and FSOE Recordings, showcasing his ability to blend emotional depth with dynamic rhythms. His contributions have significantly influenced modern trance music, earning him global recognition and inspiring a new wave of electronic music enthusiasts.

XiJaro & Pitch, comprised of Xander van Dommelen and Anthony Reyers, have made a significant impact in the trance music scene since their formation in 2014. Known for their uplifting and emotive releases, they have garnered acclaim on prestigious trance labels and through their weekly Twitch show and podcast, “Chasing Dreams.” Their music has earned them recognition on a global scale, including being selected by Armin van Buuren for his iconic “A State Of Trance” mix compilation. Their US debut at the Dreamstate SoCal festival in 2021 further solidified their presence in the international trance community, showcasing their ability to deliver powerful performances that resonate with audiences worldwide. XiJaro & Pitch continue to push boundaries in trance music, blending melodic depth with infectious energy to captivate listeners and expand their fan base globally.

“Ever since we started XiJaro & Pitch, Darren has been a major inspiration for us and our productions. Collaborating on this track with one of our absolute idols has been an amazing dream come true. We are extremely proud of this one and are thrilled to finally share it with the world.” – XiJaro & Pitch

Darren Porter’s collaboration with XiJaro & Pitch on their latest single, “Reach for the Stars,” marks a momentous fusion of their talents in the trance genre. Set to release via Dreamstate Records on July 5th, the track is a testament to hope and optimism, delivering a soaring, uplifting experience for listeners. Anchored by a powerful orchestral foundation, the instrumental arrangement is embellished with ethereal vocal chants and euphoric arpeggiated melodies that resonate with emotive depth.

“Reach for the Stars” encapsulates a theme of perseverance and ambition, celebrating the dedication required to pursue one’s dreams. The track encourages listeners to aim higher and embodies the relentless pursuit of personal goals, conveyed through its stirring musical composition and evocative narrative. This collaboration not only highlights Darren Porter’s and XiJaro & Pitch’s prowess in crafting emotive trance music but also promises to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide with its heartfelt message and cinematic sonic landscape.

Make sure you check out “Reach For the Stars” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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