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Somatoast Drops 2nd Tease of Upcoming Experimental Project With New Single “Tapping on Boyd Hill”

Will you take our hand as we fall deeper and deeper into this experimental downtempo world? On our latest visit over to Gravitas Recordings we are checking out “Tapping on Boyd Hill”, the latest single from the world builder himself Somatoast.  The concept of Somatoast was conceived by talented producer Mark Rubin after years of experimentation in the ambient and world genres. A multi-instrumentalist by trade, Rubin started his musical career by learning drums as a young child…merely sparking his love for learning instruments. Rubin would go on to learn piano, guitar, bass, and a number of percussive instruments, hitting the ground running in high school when he began writing songs and producing for local bands. Rubin continued his experimentation through music while he studied digital media in college, where Somatoast was born. Somatoast blossomed thanks to Austin’s live music scene, and some of his earliest performances can be found at local co-op parties and electronic music events.

“The soil that nurtures the flowers. The space that inspires your craft. The mood you set for your lover. The places that foster our children. The force that expands…” – Somatoast

While we were thrown right into the middle of this conceptual journey with Somatoast’s previous single “Creation is Creation“, this time we are starting from the beginning. Taking the place of his 2nd single teasing his upcoming Creation is Creation experimental project, “Tapping in Boyd Hill” serves as the listener’s introduction to this conceptual world molded by Somatoast. Pulling from his overarching theme that everything comes from one universal singular energy of creation, Somatoast utilizes the track’s surreal soundscape and sweeping aural environment to create this beautiful illusion. Fun fact, that tapping you hear in the track’s opening notes are actually tapping noises captured in Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, Florida. If you can record it live for a more authentic and organic feel/sound, why would you just pull a sample? As more and more tracks are released and Creation is Creation develops in front of our eyes, we are eagerly awaiting to experience this thought experiment in fully. 

Make sure you check out “Tapping on Boyd Hill” on Spotify below or over on Soundcloud!

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