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Since They "Hate Being Alone", SLANDER Releases Much Teased "The Headbangers Ball EP"

Man, these boys have been incredibly busy and will not take a break anytime soon. Kicking things off we have “Hate Being Alone”, the final track from SLANDER’s newest The Headbangers Ball EP. SLANDER has been very busy since bursting onto the scene in 2014 (with their ever-popular Showtek remix), but throughout 2017 and 18 we are expected to see numerous original productions and a further grounding of their “heaven trap” style. With multiple original releases under their belt in the last few months, there is no way we can stop the SLANDER now, especially since they have extra ammunition in their corner.
SLANDER, just do yourselves a favor and take a minute so we can catch up. Now with the full release of SLANDER’s The Headbangers Ball EP, we are able to actually have a clear picture of SLANDER’s range. Since we have already heard the first two tracks on the EP in previous weeks, “Hate Being Alone” is under our microscope. Since this is an official collaboration with vocalist Dylan Matthews, SLANDER allows him to take the stage front and center. Matthews’ vocal work creates a realistic and angsty feeling, which is only further complimented by SLANDER’s organic yet ethereal instruments. Start them off with a sweet intro, then come up quickly with stabbing synth work. “Hate Being Alone” is yet another example of SLANDER showcasing just exactly what they came here to do.
Make sure you check out The Headbangers Ball EP on Spotify below!

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Credit: Koury Angelo

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