Garrett Zoukis Shares New High-Energy, Self-Redemption Single “Dirty Laundry”

If this last month can be used as evidence, we might just have to make rap a more permanent genre in our publication rotation. On our latest peek into the indie rap world we are checking out “Dirty Laundry”, the newest deop from Garret Zoukis. Garrett Zoukis, an artist originally from the DMV area and now based in LA, has transitioned from being a young, witty rapper with a dedicated online fan base to becoming a skilled lyricist and a versatile artist. He gained early recognition in his hometown, opening for artists like Logic, Mike, & Skizzy Mars, and even played Division One baseball at the University of Cincinnati before dedicating himself to music full-time. Despite leaving his athletic pursuits, his music continues to resonate with athletes. In recent years, Zoukis has been making a significant impact in LA, consistently releasing music, achieving viral success with his freestyle videos, and selling out shows at prestigious Hollywood venues.

Los Angeles-based rapper Garrett Zoukis has recently dropped a captivating new single titled “Dirty Laundry,” and it’s now accessible for streaming on all major digital music platforms worldwide. This track exudes high energy and boasts an infectious, bouncy rhythm that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. What sets “Dirty Laundry” apart is its combination of charisma and clever punchlines, characteristic of Zoukis‘ lyrical style. The instrumental backing of the song prominently features samples, adding a layer of depth and nostalgia to the track. These samples serve as a compelling backdrop, allowing Zoukis to skillfully weave his narrative of redemption and self-worth throughout the song. As he delivers his verses, he effortlessly drops witty and memorable bars, showcasing his lyrical prowess.

“Dirty Laundry” not only demonstrates Zoukis‘ ability to craft engaging and relatable stories but also highlights his skill in delivering them with a magnetic presence. The track’s upbeat and sample-driven production, combined with Zoukis‘ storytelling and lyrical finesse, makes it a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts looking for both catchy hooks and meaningful content.

Make sure you check out “Dirty Laundry” on Spotify below!

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Garrett Zoukis

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