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Alok Shines A New Light on Brazilian Dance Scene With New Drop “CONTROVERSIA by Alok Vol. 006”

With the dance music scene growing and bursting at the seams, simply there are producers that you can’t stop. On our latest visit over to CONTROVERSIA we are checking out CONTROVERSIA by Alok Vol. 006., the latest from Alok. Currently experiencing his global breakout moment, Alok is currently one of the most successful and trendsetting producers currently in the business. With a lengthy catalog of remixes and originals for everyone from The Rolling Stones and Zara Larsson to Jason Derulo and Tove-Lo, Alok has quickly made a worldwide community of dedicated listeners that completely line up with Alok’s mantra. To put a few things in perspective, Alok has over 20 million monthly streams on Spotify, as well as being the 2nd most followed electronic producer on Instagram. The accolades never stop, as in 2021 Alok was even named the 4th most popular DJ in the world according to the DJMAG Top 100. Yeah, when Alok is a part of the production, you have to stop and listen.

The arrival of the 6th edition of the compilation and following the recognition that previous installments have received is a huge joy to me. The concept continues to meet our main objective, which is to maximize the reach and recognition of the Brazilian electronic music scene here in Brazil as well as abroad, giving space to a vast number of artists to create and present their music to wider audiences. With a lot of effort, today, Controversia‘s releases are being presented weekly to millions of listeners around the world through the Controversia Radio Show, which was also recently featured as a label showcase on Tomorrowland’s OneWorld Radio. I had a great time plowing through the tons of demo submissions to pick the tracks and artists I currently like the most, so I hope you’ll enjoy the selection, which includes 8 exclusive productions you can hear only on the compilation.” – Alok

With Alok being an icon and major proponent of the electronic music scene in Brazil, it is only reasonable to use his platform to highlight the many hidden gems and skills within the region. Consisting of 13 exclusive and unreleased tracks, CONTROVERSIA Vol. 006 is an addictive compilation that showcases exactly what sound Alok’s CONTROVERSIA album is aiming for at the moment. The compilation features many international artists who are biding their time to break through any barriers in their way, as well as CONTROVERSIA’s own BhaskarÜHÜ, and Capsm. While the project spans the spectrum of electronic music genres, it also breaks a few milestones for the label, as it features Nyella who is the first female producer to have a solo release on the label! This is only going to continue growing CONTROVERSIA’s massive presence online, as they just passed 1 billion streams on Spotify! Let’s go CONTROVERSIA!

Want to catch Alok live?

Jun 24 – Maceió, AL, Brazil 🇧🇷
Jun 25 – Caruaru, PE, Brazil 🇧🇷
Jun 25 – Campina Grande, PB, Brazil 🇧🇷
Jun 30 – Zamárdi, Hungary – Balaton Sound 🇭🇺
Jul 04 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Jul 08 – Neustadt-Glewe, Germany – Airbeat One Festival 🇩🇪
Jul 09 – Figueira da Foz, Portugal – RFM SOMNII 2022 🇵🇹
Jul 10 – Novi Sad, Serbia – Exit Festival 🇷🇸
Jul 11 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Jul 13 – Florida, FL, USA – Private Event 🇺🇸
Jul 14 – Miami, FL, USA – LIV 🇺🇸
Jul 16 – Boom, Belgium – Tomorrowland 🇧🇪
Jul 18 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Jul 22 – Mykonos, Greece – Cavo 🇬🇷
Jul 23 – Kołobrzeg, Poland – Sunrise Festival 🇵🇱
Jul 24 – Ibiza, Spain – Ushuaïa 🇪🇸
Jul 25 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Jul 28 – Sardegna, Italy – Private Event 🇮🇹
Jul 30 – St Tropez, France – Private Event 🇫🇷
Aug 01 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Aug 04 – Mykonos, Greece – Cavo 🇬🇷
Aug 06 – Romania – Untold Festival 🇷🇴
Aug 08 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Aug 09 – Panarea, Italy – Raya Summer Fest 🇮🇹
Aug 11 – Abu Dhabi – Private Event 🇦🇪
Aug 13 – Seoul, South Korea – E-Prix 2022 🇰🇷
Aug 15 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Aug 18 – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Private Event 🇲🇨
Aug 25 – Navegantes – SC, Brazil 🇧🇷
Aug 26 – Barretos, SP, Brazil 🇧🇷
Aug 27 – Divinópolis, MG, Brazil 🇧🇷
Aug 28 – Vitória da Conquista, BA, Brazil 🇧🇷
Aug 30 – Uberlândia, MG, Brazil 🇧🇷
Sep 03 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rock in Rio 🇧🇷
Sep 05 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸
Sep 09 – Casablanca, Morocco – Private Event 🇲🇦
Sep 10 – Itu, SP, Brazil 🇧🇷
Sep 10 – Araçatuba – SP, Brazil 🇧🇷
Sep 12 – Ibiza, Spain – Hï Ibiza 🇪🇸

Make sure you check out CONTROVERSIA by Alok Vol. 006 on Spotify below!

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