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Songwriter & Model Callie Reiff Explores Her Indie Club Style In New Single “What Ifs” Ft. Louella

When you snag the amount of accolades that today’s artist has, then you know that you’re much further up the ladder than you thought. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “What Ifs”,  the latest single Callie Reiff. Considered to be a music prodigy by many in the industry, Callie is an accomplished DJ, producer, and an all around fantastic performer. Starting her career off early, Callie actually holds the record for the youngest DJ to ever perform at the renowned Webster Hall and her momentum continued to flourish. Callie has numerous festival appearances under her belt including performances at Creamfields, EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, and Ultra. She’s even opened for many trendsetters in the music industry such as Ed Sheeran and Skrillex! Now 21 years old, Callie repositioned herself in the indie-pop electronica world to further explore her style and expand her musical reach.

The song is an emotional journey through the ups and downs with someone or even just with yourself. The past year has been tough for everyone and we have all been ‘surviving on the what ifs’ and grappling with not knowing how things will pan out.” – Callie Reiff

Callie has been on our radar for quite some time now and we are glad to finally be able to fully support a piece of her work. Continuing development on her “indie club” style that she uncovered from her previous single “Crash Into Me”, her latest single is heavy on the bass but with sprinkles of indie pop littered throughout. “What Ifs” is a playful a bop, spurring Callie’s listeners off onto a spontaneous journey into a night filled with unexpected encounters. Callie recruited Australian singer-songwriter Louella to provide vocals on the track, who delivers in alluring fashion that fits with the spontaneous nature of the track. It is becoming clear quickly that while Callie holds true to her DJ/dance roots, it is time for her to push the limits of what she is capable of as an artist. Now the only question we have is…what is next Callie? 

Make sure you check out “What Ifs” on Spotify below or on your favorite platform!

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