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Swedish Producer Badlands Drops Cathartic New Single “Out of Reach”, New Album “Djinn” Out Early March

Another single this quickly definitely means that we have to keep an eye on this future album drop. On our latest dive into the world of independent artists we are checking out “Out of Reach”, the newest single from Swedish producer Badlands. The woman behind the moniker, Catharina Jaunviksna, found her love for creating music early on in her life.  Finding herself intrigued by DIY genres like punk and hardcore, it wasn’t until her teenage years that she discovered synths and sampling. Jaunviksna began her music career working in the filmmaking world crafting scores when she finally discovered her own musical identity. She became a touring musician on synths and keys for The Radio Dept. and founded Badlands in 2012. Since conception, Jaunviksna has attuned herself with the electro community in Dublin, Ireland, and even opened her own studio in Malmo.

“It’s a song about truth and consequence. About sorrow, betrayal, illusions. The song is my way of saying I’m sorry to someone, I was stupid, but so were you. It probably means something entirely different to the listener, which can be just as true. But regardless of the situation, I guess “Out of Reach” tells us about what it’s like being on the first step of realizing it’s game over and time to move on, even though you really don’t want to.”- Catharina Jaunviksna

The more we explore Badlands’s discography, the more we are finding ourselves entranced and awaiting the next drop. Badlands’s final drop before her upcoming Djinn album, “Out of Reach” is an emotionally cathartic track that resonates with us over the course of a mere two minutes. Allowing Badlands soft piano playing to lead the charge, the track explores complex concepts such as consequences, sorrow, and finally admitting your struggles and the results of your actions. While we aren’t fans of this new trend of barely squeaking over 2 minutes per track, Badlands managed to beautifully catch our attention and keep us listening in that quick amount of time. Badlands earns a pass this time. Make sure you check out more of Badlands’s discography and check out Djinn when the new album drops on March 5th. You can pre-order Djinn on Bandcamp now!

Make sure you check out the music video for “Out of Reach” on YouTube and on your favorite streaming platform!

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Photo Credit: Björn Wahlström

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