Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings Release Dark Underground House EP “Protocol Grooves Pt. 2”

It might have been a year since we heard part 1, but this label doesn’t let a series slip off the wayside. Kicking off this week’s coverage we are taking a quick visit over to Protocol Recordings for their newest label EP Protocol Grooves Pt. 2. Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings has been a mover and a shaker in the modern electronic dance scene, allowing plenty of new artists to burst onto the scene and make their mark. While Protocol has been known for progressive house music, their catalog has expanded to encompass a wide diversity of sounds. Protocol is a major player every year at Miami Music Week, and despite not having the chance to perform this year, the label has other methods to put their overwhelmingly talented roster out on display. Protocol has absolutely killed it in 2020 and 2021, expanded their roster more than ever before to keep refining the imprint’s signature sound.

While we were introduced to a major core of the Protocol roster and sound back in 2020 in part 1, Part 2 is primed and ready to showcase another side of the Protocol we know. Focusing more on darker, underground, and tech-inspired side of electronic music, Protocol Grooves Pt. 2 grabs the listener by the hand and pulls them into their interpretation of the current tech-house scene. Consisting of six tracks from the tech-house side of their roster, the EP kickstarts the night immediately with TWENTY SIX’s bouncy house gem “Consequences”. Continuing to ride on tech-heavy basslines and dark progressive sounds,  but before too long the EP transports the listener into its own back alley nightclub. Picking up where Part 1 dropped off, Protocol Grooves Part 2 is a solid soundtrack for those who are missing out on that club atmosphere.

Make sure you check out Protocol Grooves Pt. 2 on Spotify below!

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