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4B revives Amii Stewart’s “Knock On Wood” from 1979 into sinister single “LOUDER” on HARD Recs

Producers go through waves as they change and evolve their style, and we might have finally struck the right chord for us to fully jump on the 4B train. On our latest visit to Hard Recs we are checking out “Louder”, the last drop from 4B. Starting his career off at a relatively young age, Robert McKeen Jr. (4B) has already been honing his musical talents for more than half of his life. Now easily into his 30s, 4B is in his prime climbing up the musical ladder and thriving within his niche. . 4B‘s most successful track came back in 2016 with Aazar on “Pop Dat”, wracking up over 12 million streams. 4B has already given us a taste of his style with his “Atomic Bomb” back in the day, and we have to say it may be a tad difficult for 4B to top that one…until now.

Knock On Wood‘ by Amii Stewart is such a classic. I was so pumped when Mikey hit me with this idea. This one is super fun to play out live. I’ve played it at most of the festivals I was at this year, so excited to finally have it out on HARD Recs.” – 4B

I’m excited to see how this generation responds to the track. A lot of younger people may have never even heard the original sample, so it will be a cool thing for them to later find the record ‘Knock On Wood‘ and say, ‘oh, wow, that’s where they got that sound from.’ I’m happy to finally be releasing with Insomniac/HARD Recs. I have been sending demos for a couple of years, so to get a release is always something special.” – Mikey Barreneche

With 4B finally back on Hard Recs where he belongs, we’re back with another single from the chaotic producer who has been just out of Modern Neon’s scope for quite some time now. With 4B also jumping on the train of bringing classic 80s and 90s hits back into the modern scene, we had to check out his approach to the process. Instead of being a straight-up remake or remix, 4B chose to sample Amii Stewart’s “Knock On Wood” and use it as the primary vocal hook for “Louder”, thus transforming the track into Its own beast. With a dynamic bassline and a catchy vocal hook to take center stage and lead the way, ‘Louder” not only pays homage to the “Knock On Wood” original and serves as a modern dance floor banger.

Make sure you check out “Louder” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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