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R3HAB Dives Into the Sultry Latin World in “Besame (I Need You)” W/ TINI & Reik

It appears that when you reach a level like R3HAB has, you just can’t be satisfied within your home genre…not that we’re complaining. This week we’re checking out “Besame (I Need You)”, the latest single from R3HAB, TINI, and Reik.  Since his adventure began, R3HAB has toured some of the best clubs in the world and amassed more than 300 million streams of his debut album. What is actually amazing however is that R3HAB was able to accomplish this with no major label backing, only working through his CYB3RPVNK imprint. Through his expanded efforts to increase CYB3RPVNK’s roster, R3HAB has been recruiting a fantastic variety of up and comers to provide a major range of music to his audience.

However, even though we are massive fans of R3HAB and his tracks this time he can’t take all of the credit. Forming the one-two male-female vocal combo are TINI Reik, both successful in their own right. Debuting back in 2016, TINI has amassed a massive global following with a reach of over 24 million on socials and over 3 billion digital streams. Just coming off another European and Latin American tour in 2019/2020, TINI has plenty of other A-list collaborations under her belt and keeps slaying the latin music game. Reik is a fantastic multi-platinum group that oozes with talent. Not only are they the most listened Mexican band in the world, Reik’s career spans over 15 years with multiple singles reaching over 100 million streams!

Right after we started working on the song, it was clear what the sound of the track will be like. Tini & Reik brought the perfect energy, which you can hear throughout the entire song. “Besame (I Need You)” is being released right in time to provide these necessary summer vibes to our fans.” – R3HAB

I am so excited to work with Reik and Rehab. I find it very interesting to explore new musical styles, and Bésame definitely has a special sound, distinctive from other songs. I feel very honored to collaborate with these two great artists.” – TINI

We love the song. It’s super energetic, it makes one dance and have fun all the time. It’s one of those songs that you really just wanna jump to. Looking back, we remember meeting TINI at a concert in Argentina when she was 15, or so. It’s crazy now having the song together with her. About R3HAB, we just recently met him, and we love what he does. He already remixed our earlier single “Si Me Dices Que Si,” and it blew our mind, as he took the song to another dimension. Collaborating with R3HAB again is awesome” – Reik

R3HAB’s latest venture into the Latin genre won us over even more, especially when it’s a genre we are already obsessed with. “Besame (I Need You)” is a prime example of three major powerhouse acts each collaborating and adding just enough of their signature elements to oil up the gears. R3HAB forms the backbone of the track, urging listeners to dance with his well-known addictive bassline. TINI won us over by reminding us how we fell in love with female Spanish vocals in the first place. Lastly, Reik brought with them their familiar Latin melodies to wrap up “Besame (I Need You)” in a nice bow. Would you say R3HAB’s dive into the sultry Latin world was a success? Let us know in the comments!

Make sure you check out the music video for “Besame (I Need You)” on YouTube below or on Spotify!

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