Thutmose, Rema, & R3HAB Fuse Dance and Afrobeats in “Love In The Morning”

There are very few tracks that absolutely leave us in awe and we have one of those today. Today we are heading on over to EMPIRE and checking out “Love in the Morning” from the ever-talented ThutmoseRema, and R3HAB. Born in Nigeria and moving to New York City at a mere 9 years old, Thutmose strived to be able to create his own form of music in his own way. Making plenty of daily sacrifices just to earn money for studio time, Thutmose’s drive paid off and earned him a grammy nomination for his work on Into the Spiderverse. Thutmose is a brilliantly skilled mad man, from supporting Billie Eilish on her first tour, voicing a character in League of Legends, and literally lighting himself on fire for his artwork. You need to pay attention to Thutmose.

Joining Thutmose on this unique track is fellow Nigerian rising star Rema. Apple’s current Up Next Artist, Rema has been quickly making waves in the industry, at just a mere twenty years old! Having dropped three EPs and collaborations with Becky G6LACKRVSSIANMajor Lazer to name a few, Rema is in prime position to help move the Nigerian music scene forward.

However, these talented artists have an expert to serve as their guide. Since his adventure began, R3HAB has toured some of the best clubs in the world and amassed more than 300 million streams of his debut album. What is actually amazing however is that R3HAB was able to accomplish this with no major label backing, only working through his CYB3RPVNK imprint. Through his expanded efforts to increase CYB3RPVNK’s roster, R3HAB has been recruiting a fantastic variety of up and comers to provide a major range of music to his audience.  With R3HAB consistently popping up on our radar, we have absolutely no idea what he is going to do next and can’t wait.

Originally, I was asked to remix Thutmose & Rema‘s ‘Love In The Morning,’ but the workflow on this one was so smooth and pleasant, and additionally Thutmose and Rema were so involved and interested in the process, that we decided to combine our forces to release this dance spin-off of ‘Love In The Morning‘ as our original release. I have never done anything like this before. I love this fusion of Dance Music and Afrobeats.

We are always open to expanding our horizons, and music like “Love in the Morning” is the perfect blend of new sounds and familiar beats. Even though R3HAB was originally involved to remix the original song, their combined energy was too in sync to not bring him into the project. “Love in the Morning” is a beautiful fusion of dance music and Afrobeats, each falling in line to push the other into the spotlight. If this track proves anything, it is that we need more Afrobeats in our lives.

Make sure you check out “Love in the Morning” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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