Kitsuna Skates Around Genre Lines in New Single “Can I Love”

While genres are necessary for classification, they essentially exist as no-existent borders with rules that can’t be enforced. Today’s artist skates along those lines, as we check out “Can I Love” from Kitsuna. Constantly challenging himself as a producer, Kitsuna has been producing music on his own in order to push further beyond his limits. The man behind the persona, Sam Pomanti, is a creative jack of all trades. On an international level, Pomanti is a touring/session keyboardist and background vocalist, as a producer and songwriter with other artists, and recently as a short film composer. Man, you could say that his skillset blows us out of the water. While you can hear a bit of that Toronto electronic sound hidden in Kitsuna’s roots, where can we place his sound on the spectrum? You’ll have to give it a listen and chime in on the conversation.

Kitsuna is another artist that we have to add to one of the current flows in music, revitalizing old sounds, and blending them with new to craft a hybrid. Let’s take “Can I Love” apart and analyze each piece. Kitsuna’s vocals ooze classic R’n’b and pop, creating an odd allusion of Khalid in the 1980s. The track’s production feels straight out of the late 1970s and early 80s, utilizing the strengths of jazz-fusion and disco to create a vibe that is easy to groove but leaves room for those improvisers. This kind of style is the result of avoiding being pigeonholed and we are completely for it. Don’t let one genre hold you down for your entire career…typecasting sucks.

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