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PLS&TY Drops BRAND NEW Modern Bonnie & Clyde Music Video for "Motives"

Before we head out to enjoy our own festivities, it’s time to re-visit a previous track for a brand new music video. Once again, PLS&TY stopped by the office and dropped off a brand new music video for his previous track “Motives“. PLS&TY is constantly striving for success in the modern bass music scene, developing his new languid bass style to completely flip the modern industry on its head. PLS&TY has had plenty of success after signing with Universal Music Group, PLS&TY’s “Good Vibes” rocketed PLS&TY to the top of the charts, reaching #1 in multiple countries. He has even taken the world of television into his hands, with multiple remixes appearing on multiple series.

Motives‘ is about one partner wanting so desperately to feel love, no matter how hard the fall or heartbreak, in spite of the other partner’s lack of commitment. One person ultimately ends up the ‘friend,’ and the other the ‘fool,’ for developing true feelings amongst the partner’s indifference. Yet, as genuine ‘motives’ always surface, I believe it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all,” – PLS&TY.

PLS&TY brought us this interpretation of “Motives” and we can’t help but agree with him. The music video is quite reminiscent of a modern re-telling of the story of Bonnie and Clyde, with a slightly less tragic ending. The video fits the narrative that the track presents, showcasing a couple who is absolutely in love and carefree with their lifestyle…despite being on the run from police after committing multiple robberies. No big deal, right? The video easily enhances the track as a whole, as it feels raw, intimate, and make us long for that type of mindset.
Make sure you check out the brand new music video for “Motives” here:

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