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Marcus James Gives Us a Taste of Emo House With "Over U" Ft. RYYZN

While we have been rolling around in the festival anthem style of music for a spell, you know we are thrilled when something unique comes across our desk. This week we are visiting the Physical Presents imprint for “Over U”, a brand new house track from producer Marcus James. Based out of Vancouver, Marcus James is determined to experimenting on uncharted paths to create a new sound to add to his repertoire. Currently, he has been fusing both pop-punk and house genres to create what he calls “emo house” that is both nostalgic and radio friendly. Due to this sound, James has been cultivating a following since last year, creating not only millions of streams but the fanbase grows exponentially week by week.

Over U‘ started as a straight-up pop-punk record. I wrote the original vocal line with my good friend Tom Roche last summer, and at the time we had this scratchy electric guitar riff that went along with it. Tom found RYYZN by total chance on YouTube. The next day we sent them an email. A week later they were in my studio tracking demos. Throughout writing the record, doing so many different versions of it, and evolving ‘Over U‘ into what it is today, I became close friends with the RYYZN guys. For me, I’ve got such a strong connection to ‘Over U‘ not only because I love the song but also because it’s a testament to how music brings people together.” – Marcus James

While we have only been treated to one track in this “emo-house” genre, we can definitely put our support behind it. “Over U” is a beautiful fusion of elements from modern house, pop-punk, and emo to create a product that has us hooked. The track feels raw and personal due to its focus on acoustic instruments and a soulful vocal performance that is close to warming our thawing heart. With soft and comforting electronic beats that compliment the rest of the elements to perfection, “Over U” leaves us hopeful. You have to keep your eye on Marcus James, as we guarantee he an artist to watch for the rest of 2019.
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