Carnage Revisits House Music Alias Gordo For New Fever Dream Music Video For “KTM”

While we may know this producer as the ever-talented Carnage, this time we are here for Gordo. On our latest visit over to Ultra Records we are checking out a brand new music video for Gordo’s “KTM”.  This Vegas-based producer made himself a pioneer in the hard bass and trap communities, finding his strive quickly. Carnage was even one of the first major artists to incorporate hip-hop elements into his work, creating a hard bass and urban style. Carnage went on to create Heavyweight Records in 2017, surrounding himself with crazily unique producers in the hardcore and hip-hop genres. While we have come to know Carnage for his aggressive hard bass and hard trap sound, he decided to throw a wrench in this image and jump on over to the world of house music. Yes, alongside this brand new track Carnage unveiled his new moniker, GORDO. What kind of mark will a producer like Carnage leave on house music? Only time will tell.

While we were originally introduced to “KTM” back in February, this music video changes our entire perspective on the track as a whole. While we were intrigued by Carnage’s first dive into the house music world by focusing on a four on four-party style, this music video simply adds to the weirdness of the track. In the opening of the music video we are introduced to a little yellow bear, who is the star of our show, staring back at us with dead eyes. We quickly discover that this bear has plenty of alter egos, each with its own unique appearance and style of dancing. “KTM”‘s music video is definitely a trippy experience, each blob growing until they fully absorb into their surroundings. Bordering on the line of becoming a fever dream, “KTM” is definitely a music video that you need to just lose yourself in and embrace the madness laid out for you.

Make sure you check out the music video for “KTM” below or over on YouTube!

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