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Producer Freqish Release Sultry House Single “Falling For You” Ft. Saxophonist Jason Whitmore

We are absolutely suckers any time a producer can incorporate jazz or the saxophone into their songs…it’s such an amazing instrument that needs to stay in style. On our first visit over to the legendary Nervous Records we are checking out “Falling For You”, the newest single from producer Freqish. Created by Dj, producer, and studio engineer Brandon LeeFreqish is a brand new project bursting onto the airwaves. Lee is anything but an amateur making his first debut, as Lee has over twenty years of production under his belt. His varied career has allowed him to spin at landmarks like The ChurchClub Vinyl, and Beta Nightclub in his native Denver, as well as a two-year residency at Chicago‘s iconic Sound Bar. Lee’s no stranger to the limelight, as his releases as Freqish have found plenty of homes at well-known house labels like Gettoblaster‘s We JackDJ Dan‘s InStereo Recordings, and Claude VonStroke‘s Dirtybird Records. As Freqish, Lee aims to have collaboration as his main focus in any of his productions, as more samples open doorways for new sounds to incorporate themselves in the house genre.

I made this track in the middle of a pandemic, which oddly enough is when I actually found true love. A time when others felt isolated and alone. I felt solace for others who were lonely in their homes with limited human connection. I wanted to give people a reason to find hope through a dire time. Even in the darkness, you can find light if you just let the music guide you. When I was an intern at a studio in Chicago I always loved the vibe that came from getting artists together. When you get a bunch of creative minds in one space, it’s like magic. Now through the internet, we have the ability to connect with one another, which is truly beautiful. This was my best attempt at recreating the studio vibe. I spend a lot of time on the phone with my artists trying to understand their creative process. I don’t tell them how to create, I just let their soul do the talking so that our end result is 100.” – Freqish

This may be revealing our hand just a tad, but if you want us to listen to your song just add a saxophone and we will definitely give it a once over. It is clear that Freqish is a master of his craft, carefully building a complete house gem while focusing on organic instrumentals. Tapping well-known saxophonist Jason Whitmore to serve as his collaborator, Freqish uses a soft yet inviting piano melody and vocal hook to draw us in and set the stage for the true highlight of the track. Whitmore runs wild in this track, using his amazing skills as a saxophonist to complete elevate that track beyond what it originally could have been. Hell, Whitmore and Freqish won us over with his epic saxophone solo alone. While it is a staple for Freqish to invite instrumentalists into the studio to capture the essence of a live band at this point, we can’t wait for the next musician to step into the production chair alongside Freqish. 

Make sure you check out “Falling For You” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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