Panamanian Rebel Gian Varela Teams Up with Damon Sharpe For Groovy House-Pop Release “Faces,” Featuring Matluck

While we have expanded our scope to include many different regions where music is thriving, we need to widen even more in 2023. On our latest visit to Mixmash Records we are checking out “Faces”, the latest from Gian Varela, Damon Sharpe, and Matluck. An internationally-acclaimed producer hailing from Panama, Gian Varela proudly represents his Panama heritage even if he was molded by the US. Being directly in the birthplace of reggaeton in Panama, Gian Varela was able to create his own unique sound thanks to the culture clash of his two loves. Gian has made quite a name for himself on the Latin and dance circuits, including viral collaborations with SechFeid, & El Chombo as well as releases on Spinnin’ RecordsArmada MusicMixmash Records, and Revealed Recordings. Gaining the chance to tour across America early on in his career, Gian was able to generate an energetic live persona and embrace it while showcasing his skills for audiences all across South America.

Faces,’ is one of the deepest records I’ve ever made. It’s a metaphor for how artists and people nowadays can get caught up in being people they’re not without even realizing it. But there’s a beauty and a solemn feeling of catching this moment where you evolve, and this is what ‘Faces‘ for us is! Then instrumentally speaking, Damon & I merged our styles together with that LA/USA feeling and certain Brazilian bass/Latin percussions to make a unique groove to the instrumental side of the track.” – Gian Varela

While you might look up at a line-up and think there might just be too many cooks in the kitchen, you’d be pleasantly surprised. While Gian recruits Damon Sharpe to join him in the studio crafting the production, the inclusion of singer/songwriter Matluck allows “Faces” to transcend its previous self. A progressive house single that overflows with soul and addictive beats, “Faces” serves as a showcase for each artist’s best traits. With Gian and Damon bringing the Latin, urban, dance-pop vibes and cinematic melodies, Matluck’s powerful vocal performance is almost enough to launch him into the next level of artistry for us. While this our first exploration of Gian’s music style, we have a feeling that we will be back sooner than you think for another round.

Make sure you check out “Faces” on Spotify below!

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