GRAVEGDR & City Morgue Craft “WARDOGZ” A Rap & Heavy Bass Experience

After taking a bit of a spell to continue digging out graves, our aggressively enigmatic producer is back for another bout. Heading on over to Heavyweight Records for a brand new single “WARDOGS” from GRAVEDGR and City Morgue. Trying to make his mark as a standout producer to watch this year, GRAVEDGR is an enigmatic producer by night and an actual gravedigger by day. With a job like that, he is able to ponder the grey area of morality and how he can showcase the concept in his music. While simultaneously being scary/horrifying and melodic, GRAVEDGR is already pleasing the masses of bass heads throughout the world. Now that we have been teased with GRAVEDGR’s intense style through “Rampage“, “Don“, and “Kamikaze“, we can’t wait for GRAVEDGR’s new album.

This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s the most intense/in your face drop you’ll hear for a while. I can’t wait to play this one out all next year! It’s going to be a moshing anthem, mark my words. NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE!” – GRAVEDGR

GRAVEDGR is constantly tweaking his process to get the most out of his heavy-hitting styles. With the help of City Morgue, GRAVEDGR pushed his approach even further by taking the idea of rap-rock and throwing it directly into the bass music world. “WARDOGZ” lets City Morgue take their first stab on the stage, injecting a mixture of modern and urban rap elements to form the base of the track. Once GRAVEDGR kicks the door down though, the urban raps clashes with his heavy bass to showcase a battle between the specific genres. The more the track progresses, more of the rap compliments the bass until they form one aggressive single. If you need to force yourself with pure aggression to motivate you and crush your goals, here’s a new track to add to your playlist.

Make sure you check out “WARDOGZ” on Spotify below or on YouTube!

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