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Protocol Veteran Thomas Gold Joins Rising Star Raiden for Festival Banger “Someone New”

Now this is a collaboration that is sure to blow us away. Bounding on over to Protocol we have “Someone New”, a brand new track from Thomas Gold and Raiden. Starting off his career back in 2008 with his remix of Delirium’s “Silence”, Gold has quickly become one of the most well-known names in the industry. Gold has made the rounds of the major labels of his career, with “Magic” over on Armada reaching 55 million streams. However, what sets Gold apart from the pack is his epic live stage performances which have attributed to his ever-growing global following.

Raiden has kept himself busy while developing his style and launching his career, with even traveling to Japan and performing in a rock band. This experience has affected his own personal style, as Raiden strives to combine EDM with rock. He even plays the guitar on a number of his tracks!

“Someone New” is the result of the veteran Thomas Gold and the Korean star Raiden melding their distinct sounds together into a glorious brew. Gold brings plenty of classic sounds from the early aughts progressive house era, while Raiden stirs in his modern flair and beats The result? “Someone New” isn’t just bouncy and melodic, but surprisingly filled with plenty of Soul hidden within the vocal work. It isn’t often that a collab like this occurs, let alone craft a track that will litter the radio and festivals as soon as it breaks.

“Make sure you check out “Someone New” on Spotify!

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