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Legend Benny Benassi Pairs With Chris Nasty For New Tech House Single “Inside”

Now this is definitely a blast from the past. This time we are heading over to Ultra records for “Inside” a brand new track from Benny Benassi and Chris Nasty. Yes, you read that right. Benny Benassi has had quite the successful career, spanning over fifteen years and two Grammys, so it will be a tad difficult to sum it off. Benassi’s music served as a major inspiration and introduction into electronic music, with “Satisfaction” still delighting us to this day. Benassi hasn’t left the spotlight that “Satisfaction” created for him, creating fantastic pieces with artists across all genres. One of these collabs resulted in “Beautiful People” with Chris Brown and is considered one of the most iconic dance crossovers of all time.

With such a large name attached to it, “Inside” has a bright candle to hold itself up to. While the track feels just like pure Benassi from the early 2000s, it does have the modern beat which makes sure it isn’t lost to the sands of time. Since “Inside” is Benassi’s first single of 2019, we are glad to see that he was able to adapt the present day sound to his electro tech house style. We mean, driving yet bouncy bass line? Check. Electro-inspired melody? Check. A catchy vocal hook? Also check. We are glad to see Benassi keeps with tech house alive and injects even more back into the modern industry.

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