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Bassheads Revive Brostep, Jarvis Releases 2nd Single "Reborn" From Upcoming The Bro Code EP

We know that we have stepped away from the bass head community for a while, but we are stepping back in. Closing off coverage for this week we are waltzing over to Firepower Records for “Reborn”, the newest track from Jarvis. Starting off his career back in 2015,  Jarvis has been evolving as a leader of the modern bass-head movement. Jarvis has been cultivating a loyal community and following as he strives to revive the brostep movement that we once knew from early on in Skrillex’s career. The following is all-inclusive, accepting of every kind of fan. Jarvis is planning on releasing a brand new EP called The Bro Code, which we are dabbling in today.
“Reborn” is a breath of fresh air into our vision for the future of the bass-head movement.  What hooked us initially into dubstep during its rise was early Skrillex and his implication of the brostep genre. Just weeks after his initial single “Death Rave”, “Reborn” is an example of Jarvis’s “rise from the ashes” persona that he has crafted. The track sounds like it should be listed with the next huge dystopian AAA title, focusing on robotic synths and stabbing bass. While “Reborn” is aggressive right out of the gate, Jarvis was able to create a melodic undertone that keeps us along for the ride. We will definitely keep an eye on this artist and can’t wait for the rest of The Bro Code EP.
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