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Natalie Walker Shares New Single “Heart Like a Lion”, Letting Indie-Synth Thrive

We don’t come across many surprises in our normal day-to-day, but every so often we might be slightly whelmed. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Heart Like a Lion”, the latest drop from Natalie Walker. Natalie Walker’s musical career is characterized by her unique and captivating approach to genres and her ethereal vocals. Her journey began in 2002 when she became the lead vocalist of the Philadelphia-based trip-hop ensemble, Daughter Darling. It was their first album, “Sweet Shadows,” that introduced Natalie to her initial fan base with the mesmerizing track “Broken Bridge.” After the dissolution of Daughter Darling, Natalie embarked on a solo career that took her creativity to new heights. She released a series of albums that showcased her musical vitality and enchanted both listeners and critics alike. Her solo discography includes “Urban Angel” (2006), “With You” (2008), “Spark” (2011), and “Strange Bird” (2017), each carrying a distinct charm and resonating with her audience.

Natalie’s last solo release before the COVID-19 pandemic was her EP titled “Evenfall” in 2019. However, when the world fell silent during the global health crisis, Natalie’s creativity continued to thrive. In 2019, she embarked on collaborations with renowned producer William Orbit, known for his work on Madonna’s iconic album “Ray of Light.” This collaboration further solidified Natalie’s position as a remarkable artist willing to explore new sonic territories. Furthermore, Natalie joined forces with Will Thomas of Dive Index to co-produce the 2020 LP titled “Waving at Airplanes.” This collaboration showcased her ability to work seamlessly with other artists, resulting in a rich and captivating musical experience.

Natalie Walker, a talented songwriter and vocalist, has recently released her latest indie-synth track titled “Heart Like a Lion,” which is now available for streaming on all digital service platforms worldwide. The song delves into the theme of triumphing over adversity and embracing it as a symbol of strength. It tells a compelling story of longing, representing a proclamation of self-love and a testament to personal empowerment. In the creation of “Heart Like a Lion,” Natalie Walker collaborated with esteemed producer Darren Burgos, who is renowned as a global leader in Logic Pro expertise and songwriting. Their combined efforts resulted in a meticulously crafted musical experience that seamlessly blends indie and synth elements, creating a rich and captivating sound. The lyrics of “Heart Like a Lion” resonate with listeners as they navigate their own challenges and setbacks. It serves as a powerful reminder that overcoming difficulties can shape us into stronger individuals. The song encourages embracing these experiences and wearing them proudly as a symbol of personal growth and resilience.

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