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Bass Music in 2019, WAVEDASH Drops "Whiplash", A Cinematic Soundscape

It has been a while since we have felt these Gud Vibrations. This time around we are checking out “Whiplash”, the latest from WAVEDASH over on the Gud Vibrations imprint.  “Whiplash” is now the second release from the new Gud Vibrations label, after making a welcomed splash with the initial release of WAVEDASH’s “Deathwish”. Founded by successful artists NGHTMRE and SLANDER, the Gud Vibrations idea began when they started their careers in 2014. The idea has since evolved and has become a multi-event series, selling out at every venue where it is booked. This is just the beginning though, as we can’t wait to see more and feel those Gud Vibrations.

Whiplash‘ is a track that underwent more changes than we can even remember. The end product was something we were hoping would appeal to DJ’s and listeners alike, and we’re really excited with how it came out.” – WAVEDASH

Just as WAVEDASH mentions above, you can tell that “Whiplash” is all over the place when it comes to styles and beats. However, this is far from a bad thing as the track melds each different part together to create an ever-changing musical soundscape for listeners to experience. The track is actually quite surprising, as it opens on a cinematic plane of existence where it should be part of 2001: A Space Odyssey score rather than the next big bass music track. “Whiplash” is a prime example of WAVEDASH’s signature bass style and the many forms that bass music can take in the modern scene.
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