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Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Gian Varela Team Up For Urban, Latin House Track “Keloke,” Featuring Ecuadorian Singer Bla-De

Central and South America are amazing places to watch for dance music right now, it needs to be on your radar as of yesterday. On our latest visit to SONO we are checking out “Keloke”, the latest drop from Sunnery James & Ryan Marciana, Gian Varela, and Bla-De. An internationally acclaimed producer hailing from Panama, Gian Varela proudly represents his Panama heritage even if he was molded by the US. Being directly in the birthplace of reggaeton in Panama, Gian Varela was able to create his own unique sound thanks to the culture clash of his two loves. Gian has made quite a name for himself on the Latin and dance circuits, including viral collaborations with SechFeid, & El Chombo as well as releases on Spinnin’ RecordsArmada MusicMixmash Records, and Revealed Recordings. Gaining the chance to tour across America early on in his career, Gian was able to generate an energetic live persona and embrace it while showcasing his skills for audiences all across South America.

From Gian Varela‘s initial rough demo to the dancefloor anthem we’ve created together. Months of playing it live have made us even more hyped, seeing how the fans really love this record. Now we’re super excited to share it with everyone!” – Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Keloke‘ to me is a true example of how a Latin Tech House should be. It has high energy, tropical Latin sounds, and Bla-De‘s deep urban vocals to top it off. Because of their huge influence on the Latin House movement, it is an honor for me to collaborate with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano on this record. Everytime I played the track during my performances, the crowds responded with such enthusiasm, which for me represents the energy and magic of this track.” – Gian Varela

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, alongside Gian Varela and vocalist Bla-De, have seamlessly blended their talents to create the captivating musical masterpiece titled “Keloke.” This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the dynamic fusion of urban vibes and Latin house influences, destined to ignite a fervent response from audiences across the globe. The composition itself is a symphonic delight, weaving together a rich tapestry of instrumental elements, such as the melodic charm of a xylophone and the vibrant resonance of trumpets. These diverse musical layers intermingle harmoniously with an irresistibly buoyant bassline, interlaced with intricate tribal percussive patterns that add depth and texture to the track. A particularly captivating aspect of “Keloke” lies in its masterful incorporation of Gian Varela’s Panamanian heritage, flawlessly showcased through the distinct sounds that pay homage to his roots.

“Keloke” defies conventional genre boundaries, daring to explore uncharted sonic territories with its infectious house rhythms that drive the momentum forward. The infusion of tropical melodies imbues the composition with an exotic allure, transporting listeners to the heart of a lush, tropical jungle. It’s within this lush sonic landscape that the Spanish rap-style vocals of Bla-De come to life, serving as a dynamic storyteller guiding the audience through this captivating musical journey. The lyrics, delivered with an energetic and rhythmic cadence, beckon listeners to partake in a jubilant dance ritual, evoking a sense of untamed celebration and reverence for the music.

Make sure you check out “Keloke” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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