Skytech x DNF Drop New Big-Room “Open Your Mind” in a Dual Drop By CYB3RPVNK

Let’s keep this ball rolling. On yet another visit to CYB3RPVNK, we were treated to “Open Your Mind”, a brand new track from Skytech and DNF. While Skytech is yet another upcoming artist on a global scale, he already has gathered quite a following in his home country of Poland. We first heard of this talented producer when R3HAB found him after hearing “Tiger”, where he helped finish the track which led to over 100 million streams. R3HAB and Skytech have been working together for quite some time under the CYB3RPVNK banner, crafting festival and dancefloor-friendly tracks while also growing Skytech’s global footprint. For the last two years, Skytech has ranked in the top 2 most streamed Polish artists in the world!

CYB3RPVNK decided to up the ante with a pair of dual releases, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one.  Skytech’s “Open Your Mind” is the perfect new track to get the party started and light up your local club. The track is minimalist and slow-building but then grows into a track to serve as a theme for your next trip down the rabbit hole. Skytech and DNF utilize an ethereal sounding vocal performance than serves as the main hook, which creates a futuristic sound. “Open Your Mind” derives from the classic big-room sound that shines its prevalence through the curtains. Another solid track for the Skytech catalog.

Make sure you check out “Open Your Mind” on YouTube below!

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