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Nashville Native Barron Release Beautifully Surreal and Elegant Indie Electronic Single “Without You”

There is one key aspect of the dance music world that we enjoy beyond anything else…and it is that there is a niche for everyone underneat the electric sky. On our latest peek into the indie dance world we are checking out “Without You”, the latest drop from Barron. Created by Nashville, TN native Harrison Barron, Barron is already quickly proving that he is a rising star in the Eastern US dance community. After only having six months under his belt as a professional musician, Barron netted over 125k online streams and even had his singles placed in notable playlists such as “Ultra Worldwide”. The momentum doesn’t stop there however, as his most recent track “Home” caught the attention of Magnetic Magazine which salected the track for its “Top 15 Indie Electronic Tracks” list in November. Barron might still be new to the game, but he’s already catching the attention of the right people.

‘Without You’ is a track that starts out slow and somber with vocals that make you feel an emotion similar to that of when you are missing a friend or loved one. The track moves into a chorus that could be described as energetic and carefree, reminiscent of when you’re reunited again with that person you’ve been missing. I’ve been excited to release this track to listeners for a while now. For the past few months I’ve slowly been honing in on what I want my sound to be as an artist and I felt this was the perfect track to portray where it’s heading to kick off the new year.” – Barron

While we normally take our daily dose of electronic music in a high-energy blood-pumping variety…even we love the stripped-down nature of indie electronic music. While we’ve had Barron pop into our inbox a few times prior to this drop, we are thrilled to finally have a spot open up to share his music with the masses. “Without You” is a beautifully surreal yet fragile sounding single, with Barron creating a blissful piano-led backbone that is simply a spa treatment for the ears. With an incredibly fiery passion for making music that uplifts and inspires his listeners, we have no doubt that “Without You” is quickly going to become an audience favorite. Hell, Barron showed up to Modern Neon just at the right time to completely win us over with that elegant piano.

Make sure you check out “Without You” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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