Multi-talented Mosimann Makes Triumphant Return to Protocol Recordings With New Tech House Single “Don’t Talk”

It truly is amazing how just a few year difference in viewing can truly change an artist’s style and perspective. On our latest visit to Protocol we are checking out “Don’t Talk”, the latest drop from Mosimann. While Protocol has always been forward-thinking in terms of predicting trends and making waves, not every artist is pure gold. However, this is when you just need to experiment and find the right crowd to bounce off your ideas and style. Mosimann has been tearing it up since he burst onto the stream, with one of his tracks even earning more than 4 million streams on Spotify! Mosimann has been through the wringer in his music career, but breaking into DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs is pretty impressive if you ask us. Since originally popping up on our radar back in 2019, Mosimann has become the perfect package for a DJ. DJ, producer, singer, songwriter, self-taught musician, The Voice TV host, and Gold-certified artist based between Paris, France, and Luzern, SwitzerlandAs more time passes, his accolades only grow in number as he soars to the top of the ladder.

Mosimann is no stranger to the Protocol family, with the latest addition to his camp “Don’t Talk” being the 9th release on the label.  However after a 2.5 year break from producing and stepping away, we thought that Mosimann might have lose his touch with how the landscape has changed since his last drop. We were definitely proven wrong though, as “Don’t Talk” is quality tech house club music that is perfect for those who just want to be left alone while they vibe to the music on the dance floor. Mosimann wastes no time getting right down to business, letting the track’s bouncy, driving bassline do all of the talking right out of the gate. With so many previous release on Protocol, we are thrilled that Mosimann chose to rejoin the Protocol label after this extended hjatus.

Make sure you check out “Don’t Talk” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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