Purple Fly Welcomes Laidback Luke to the Label’s Roster with “Cielo,” BLVD. & Laidback Luke’s First Collaboration

The more we look into the world of Purple Fly, the more we are willing to go down this rabbit hole. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out “Cielo”, the latest from BLVD. and Laidback Luke. BLVD is stepping onto the stage to make a major splash on the industry. While BLVD is relatively unknown by the general populace, he has already received support from Diplo & Friends, RL Grime, and Ekali just to name a few. If you ask us, we’d say that those are quality people to have in your corner as you make your way up the electronic ladder. Now in an interesting partnership with Purple Fly, many more doors are opening for BLVD. This time he is bringing Laidback Luke along for the ride, so let’s see what he has to add to the BLVD. x Purple Fly formula.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Purple Fly, it is a brand new music label making a major splash in the current market. A completely independent imprint, Purple Fly embraces the current hype around NFTs in the cryptocurrency world with one goal in mind…support their artists. On a larger scale, Purple Fly aims to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for a truly immersive experience. The label will be dropping NFTs with each music drop, allowing direct support from fans for their favorite artists.

After providing plenty of coverage to BLVD and his releases, there is a certain style of EDM that we come to expect from him. However, since he joined the Purple Fly family, he’s become more of a chameleon than ever! Through the combined skillsets of BLVD and Laidback Lukethese two captured the nostalgic sound of late 90s early 00s techno when electronic was first gaining its mainstream legs. The techno sound of “Cielo” added to Laidback Luke’s big-room progressive house invokes images of our early days in the EDM scene, hanging out in packed lots waiting for festivals to explode with energy. “Cielo” may be BLVD and Laidback Luke’s first collaboration, but these talented producers click seamlessly like a seasoned duo who have been producing with each other for years. Make sure you keep an eye on Purple Fly to snag the NFT for “Cielo”!

Make sure you check out “Cielo” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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