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Bass Producers Skysia & Equanimous Team Up For a Downtempo Exploration of Water In New “Ocean” EP

The more we willingly dive into the bass music world, the more we prepare to lose ourselves in the world these producers create. On our latest bass music dive we are checking out The Ocean, the latest album from Skysia and Equanimous. Born as Tanner Allen, Skysia is a wizard in terms of production, filmmaker, and a self-taught pianist. Originally hailing from Southern California, Skysia now operates out of a mini bus immersed in nature and equipped with a mobile studio primed and ready to make sound art. Skysia learned production techniques at the esteemed Point Blank Music School in London, but still finds his home exploring the sounds of the United States’s West Coast. Skysia believes that no all music has to have an electronic heaviness to it, instead swapping out for more magical earthy tones. 

While Equanimous hasn’t been on the scene for relatively long, he has accomplished quite a bit in his mission to bring deep house from the dance floor directly to your ears. In their short time they have already collaborated with the likes of The Polish Ambassador, DJ Taz Rashid, Momentology, and Activation to name a few. While 2020 has been a mess for live touring, Equanimous has made electric live performances at Northern Nights, Earth Frequency Festival, Same Same But Different Festival, and many others. Equanimous even curated and coordinated the Global Unity Festival which featured over 170 different acts!

“The journey through water represents the journey through emotions and flow state. We aimed to create that vibe while still making sure the tracks stay relevant on the dance floor.” –Skysia & Equanimous

With two world music maestros like Skysia Equanimous, we can only picture an idea of what kind of musical journey awaits us. Inspired by ocean and the element of water, Oceans is filled to the brim with dreamy and mythcial soundscapes that can easily enclose you in a sense of bliss as the tracks play on repeat. Hypnotic and atmospheric, each of Ocean’s six tracks feature live recordings and organic instruments, thus elevating the overall ambient downtempo vibe. While each track deserves their own shout out, our favorite track on the EP lands us right in the middle with “Firefly”. Featuring vocal clips of healer Alyson Amrita, the track explores the concept of self reflection and being vulnurable all while encapsulating you within its earthly sounds and downtempo guitar. Skysia Equanimous worked seemlessly together to create this brilliant audible exploration of the ocean and we couldn’t be more thrilled to showcase it on our platform. Press play and lose yourself among the beats, it is that simple. 

Make sure you check out the Ocean EP on Spotify below!

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