Bass Producer sharlitz web Explores & Conquers Her “Dark Places” On SSKWAN

Some of the most creative energy emanates out from us when we are out of our lowest points. On our first visit over to SSKWAN we are checking out “Dark Places”, the latest single from sharlitz web.  Fueled by all of the highs and lows that life throws at her, sharlitz web is bursting onto the bass scene to introduce her liquid dark bass style to the masses. In order to tap into her artistic energy, sharlitz web steps into one of the darkest moments of her life…the loss of her best friend and little sister Charlotte. However, sharlitz web embodies the concept of a phoenix and uses that dread to fuel her dark artistic musical style. She is already making her mark on the bass community, generating buzz from her original productions “7 sins” and “deep dreams”. sharlitz web crafts a haunting atmosphere that is equally welcoming yet disconcerting at the same time.

“I wrote this song while I felt trapped in an unfamiliar place. It felt like chaos, yet somehow there was peace. The yin of darkness to the yang of light. I was invited into a realm where I was thrown upside down and had to find my escape.”- sharlitz web

With her muse’s light now extinguished, sharlitz web was cast into unfamiliar territory, and had to do what she knows best…channel the pain through her music. The result of this, “Dark Places”, showcases sharlitz’s skill in audio design and creating unsettling atmospheres for her listeners to willingly lose themselves in. The track’s ambiance is uncanny, almost as if sharlitz is desperately trying to contact her muse across the other side. “Dark Places” easily serves as a trip into the recesses of sharlitz’s mind, where she implores you to explore the unturned stones yourself in hopes for you to discover something about yourself on the journey. For fans of bass and ambient music, “Dark Places” is a darker journey of introspection that we will willingly lose ourselves in until we are able to pull ourselves out.

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