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Toronto Singer-Songwriter Laur Elle Teases Debut EP W/ Candid Alt-Pop “Wallflower”

Sometimes even if you are using a dry and overused genre like pop music, you can still surprise the masses of listeners just waiting for a new sound to burst through the bubble. This week we are checking out “Wallflower”, the latest pop single from singer-songwriter Laur Elle. With only a handful of releases under her belt, Laur Elle has already formed a dedicated following of 90k+ on Instagram and 300k+ streams. While she prepares for her debut EP to finally drop, she is determined to bring her dreamy alt-pop sound to anyone who is willing to give her a listen. In her rather short career, she has already been nominated for the Edmonton Music Award (twice) as well as receiving the Bell Media prize to take her skills to the next level and refine her sound. A forward-thinking force to be reckoned with, we have no doubt that Laur Elle will help mold the Canadian indie-pop scene.

The latest single from the Laur Elle catalog gives us a pretty clear image of exactly how she is going to shake up the alt-pop world. Through this alternative lens, she explores her past relationships with others and herself for a dose of introspection on the digital stage. Laur doesn’t hide behind massively commercial productions, preferring to approach the subject from an honest and raw point of mind. “Wallflower” allows her to let listeners hear a chapter of her story, even if it is wrapped up in an alt-pop package. Laur Elle will be dropping her debut EP relatively soon, so make sure you check out her socials for updates!

Make sure you check out “Wallflower” on Spotify below or on Soundcloud!

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