Annabel Gutherz Closes Out 2021 With Live “Loose Ends Session” EP, Enticing Listeners With Every Facet of Her Sound

While many artists haven’t been able to perform for almost two years, you can test an artist’s true skillset during a live performance. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out Losse Ends Sessions, a brand new live EP from Annabel Gutherz. Officially debuting back in 2018, Annabel found the balance between current alternative pop and classic americana. Annabel introduced herself to the indie scene with her first philanthropic single “Legends”, where she donated all of the proceeds to support various charities in Montreal. After making her debut, she has spent the last few years honing her craft at Berklee College of Music and is now ready to re-introduce herself as a musician to the world. Today’s single is actually the first off her upcoming album which we should be hearing sometime later this year.

 “Each song pulls from a unique sonic palette and topically explores a different facet of my life’s expanding mosaic of stories, which is why I thought they would be especially fun to perform.” – Annabel Gutherz

Even though we have been seriously lacking live performances for quite some time now, we still find ourselves in awe of talented artists like Annabel Gutherz who sound absolutely captivating live. While capping off the year and riding high from the momentum of her debut album Loose EndsAnnabel decided to surprise her fans with a new Sessions EP, pulling three tracks from her album to give a complete live music video treatment. Each track showcases a different facet of Annabel’s musical style, from the latin-pop “Barcelona” to the emotional “Checkmate” and the intimate “Bloomer”. With “Barcelona” being our favorite track off of Loose Ends, we are even more entranced with the live version than we were with Annabel’s studio performance. If Annabel has taught us anything from this EP, it is that more of our favorite artists need to release a live Sessions EP like yesterday.

Make sure you check out Loose Ends Sessions on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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Annabel Gutherz

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