Nicky Romero Puts His Own Spin on Loud ‘N Bright’s Booty-Shaking House Tune “To The Floor.” Out Now on Fast-Rising Municipal Recordings

Sometimes you aren’t necessarily needed for a full release, but just a spin on the final product. On our first visit over to Municipal Recordings we are checking out “To The Floor” (Nicky Romero Edit), the latest drop from Loud ‘N Bright. Consisting of performers Mouhriz and OIliver, these two found themselves double booked to perform at a party. Instead of butting heads, they decided to both perform together and everything immediately clicked. Creating  Loud ‘N Bright in 2015, the duo performed at notable venues in the Netherlands and a set up of rotating club nights was conceived.  Loud ‘N Bright officially began creating music in 2016, and the rest is absolutely history.

Our goal is to make a unique sound which people across the world will recognize. We need to work hard to accomplish our goals, but the best thing about it is that we can party a lot along the way.” = Loud ‘N Bright

There are some singles that have a relatively short studio life before creeping out onto the airwaves, then there are those that go through many variations before the final product. For example, “To The Floor” was sent to Nicky Romero earlier this year as a promo and the Protocol label boss liked it so much that he decided to drop his own twist on the Dutch original. While Romero respects and honors Loud ‘N Bright’s original booty-shaking style, his edit adds groovy energy blips that add a bit more substance to this late-night club track.  Now with a driving and bouncy bassline, fans of this variant of sonic house are primed and ready to step out onto the dance floor and completely lose their minds…or at least to close out 2022.

Make sure you check out “To The Floor” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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