Underground Phenom UNKNWN Releases New 2-Track Bass + World Music EP “Growth”

Sometimes you just have to lift up a rock, take a peek into the underground, and be astonished by what you will find. On our latest peek we are checking out Growth, the newest EP from the growing underground phenom UNKNWN. An incredibly intriguing prospect in the bass music world, UNKNWN has been quickly making waves in the underground community. The community shook when UNKNWN dropped his The Purple Fern mixtape back in February, immediately earning a slot on UNKNWN’s highlight reel. Consisting of 10 unreleased songs, The Purple Fern was a prime example of melodic world music as it grows in today’s age of music…each track offering its own experience. Now UNKNWN is back with his Growth EP, inviting more world/bass music fans to take the step and join in on his world.

“This EP features the two tracks that took the lead on my unreleased mixtape back in February. The entire mixtape was a project I made when I was going through a big phase of creative growth. Both of these tunes acted as conceptual anchors for the entire mix, and represent that big growth I was going through.” – UNKNWN

The more we wade into the world/bass music world and explore what it has to offer, the more we realize the endless possibilities of music within the genre. This Growth EP may be only two tracks long, but there are so many elements to these tracks that we could talk about them for ages. The EP opens with “Purple Fern”, setting the stage for a more thought-provoking self dive into this nature-inspired electronic world that is being crafted around you. Interestingly enough, UNKNWN leans away from the more ambient-focused sounds and beats that normally accompany world music, utilizing more bass, percussion, drum kits, and vocal samples to fully flesh out the world. This experience reaches its apex in “Growth”, allowing the listener to reach a level of discovery that was unattainable prior…before fading out completely and leaving the listener primed for the next adventure. It may be a quick journey into UNKNWN’s world, but it is definitely one worth taking if you thrive for new bass and world music.

Make sure you check out the Growth EP on Spotify below!

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