Saxophonist Turned Songwriter Mike Ruby Drops Electropop Single “Unapologetic”

When we choose to become a musician, the path that we walk can change in any direction even a way where we don’t expect. This week we are checking the highly underrated single “Unapologetic” from singer-songwriter Mike Ruby. Originally planning to settle in New York to pursue a career in the jazz scene, that career path made a hard pivot in his college years. After a rather drastic breakup, Mike picked up the guitar and instantly fell in love with the songwriting process. Originally getting the touring bug as a sax player for the band St. Lucia, Mikelove for pop music further deepened after opening for English pop star Ellie Goulding. Mike is still a saxophonist at heart, as the instrument is still prevalent in all of his songs, even if songwriting may take that place within his heart for now. Having written over a thousand songs and dropped a handful of impressive and emotional singles, Mike’s debut EP comes off as an album for any fan of music.

Even if Mike couldn’t scene and his song wasn’t catchy, he won us over with his music video. Solid editing? Check. Fluid story? Enough. Color grading? Crystal and on point. We may be music bloggers now, but our first love is filmmaking. Anyway, “Unapologetic” is the latest earworm that needs to worm its way into your summer rotation. Bouncy and full of summertime moods, the track shows of Mike’s fantastic mastery of vocals and love for our favorite instrument, the sax. Intimate and relatable, “Unapologetic” tells an all too familiar relationship pitfall that most of us encounter in life, but at least now we have a track to serves as the soundtrack for the moment.

This song is written about the bad ass who’s hella cool. Everyone knows that person – you either want to be them, or want to be with them. In this song, you finally see what everyone else sees, and start to go down the slippery slope. Joel Stouffer produced this one with me. It actually started off as a Post Malone, upbeat pulsing piano track with horns. When we changed the production around, it was pretty clear that the horn section, which is myself layering saxophone parts, had to stay in the chorus.” – Mike Ruby

Make sure you check out “Unapologetic” on YouTube below!

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