Bassjackers Make a Comeback With Full of New Music 6-Track EP “Les Pays Bass,” New Merch Line and Radio Show, Giving a 2023 Sneak Peek

Any artists or producers waiting in the wings to make a comeback but unsure of a plan for attack, grab a pen and paper and take notes. On our latest visit to Smash the House we are checking out Les Plays Bass, the latest project from Bassjackers.  Joining in on the production is Bassjackers, who has been kicking around in the EDM world since back in 2011. If fo some reason you’ve never had Bassjackers pop up on your radar, there is a large discography waiting for you. Their library consists of singles alongside Martin GarrixAfrojackKSHMRDimitri Vegas & Like MikeR3HAB, and Showtek, to name a few, as well as remixes for A-list artists including RihannaEnrique IglesiasMoby, and Ne-Yo. Yeah, Bassrockers have been around and know talent when they see one.

“‘Les Pays Bass’ is not polished. It’s testing what sounds the newest technologies can make, combined with old flavors and raw energy. We want to create a place for the real ravers: the land of the Bass. We’re now amidst our Les Pays Bass US Tour, and we’re really implementing all that Les Pays Bass stands for. Experimenting is always scary, but the crowds are certainly ready. We’re also excited about the new Les Pays Bass merch! Thanks to an awesome new partner, we can really take it to the next level and be more than just a shirt or sweater. Also, Les Pays Bass radio will start broadcasting again, and we have some unique formats. All in all, exciting times are here, and we’re really happy and inspired!” Bassjackers

After taking a four year hiatus, the Dutch duo Bassjackers are officially back in full force, with such massive forward momentum that anyone who steps in the way will be bowled right over. Breaking their hiatus with one single wasn’t enough, however, as Bassjackers don’t ever do anything minimally. Les Pays Bass is a brand new six-track EP of previously unreleased singles, each harnessing that Bassjackers energy that fans know and love. But a single EP wouldn’t be enough either, so to complete the 2023 Bassjackers comeback they also announced a brand new Les Pays Bass merch line and monthly radio shows to top of the ensemble. The Bassjackers are officially back and no one can stop them.

Make sure you check out Les Pays Bass on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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