Collective Chemical Dreams Drops New Afrobeats Collab in “Look to the Moon”

We hope this trend rises completely to the mainstream, as it is time for a new subgenre to take the top crown. This week we are taking a look at “Look to the Moon”, a brand new collab between John Orpheus and Chemical Dreams. Originally founded by Martha Johnson of Martha and the Muffins, Chemical Dreams is a fresh collective to serve as a creative playground for Johnson as well as other artists in her circle and even artists she hasn’t met just yet. Johnson discovered the idea after many nights of not being able to sleep, utilizing the time awake to explore a new style of songwriting. Chemical Dreams is a unique beast, one without themes, rules, or a unifying style, simply as unpredictable as our own dreams themselves.

While there may not be any general theme or similar sound, Chemical Dreams draws us in with its unique sound that isn’t as common as we’d like it to be in the current climate. “Look To The Moon” accesses fresh Afrobeats percussions to give the listener an exotic and tropical feel, while Orpheous crafts his own performance to completely sell the track. We have to agree with the masses and say that the track is best described as a “pan-cultural summer driving song.” In the current electronic scene, many artists have not utilized these sound in their own forms, thus leaving it as an untapped source. Chemical Dreams won’t dwell on the past to define their sound, only focusing on the growth and evolution of it in the future.

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