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Nashville Singer/Songwriter Thomas Day Releases New Emotional Yet Bubbly Single “MASOCHIST”

As someone who has been vibing with the masochist label for quite some time, this track resonates with me probably more than it should. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “MASOCHIST”, the latest single from Thomas Day. Thomas Day discovered his passion for music at the age of 9 through musical theater productions. Despite excelling in football in high school and receiving several college scholarships offers upon graduating, Thomas remained committed to his musical dreams. In 2021, he chose to decline the football offers and pursue a career in music full-time. With over 100 million global streams, close to 1 million monthly Spotify listeners, and 7 million social media followers, it’s evident that Thomas made the right decision.

“‘MASOCHIST’ is about a girl who I met and fell head over heels in love with, so fast and so hard that I didn’t care how badly I could get hurt. I wrote this song with my two friends Steve Rusch and Quinn Lewis. We were talking about the subtle complexities in relationships, and this song poured out. It’s about not being afraid to be hurt. Actually, it’s about wanting to be hurt.” – Thomas Day

Thomas Day is a rising pop star known for his heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocals. He gained popularity on TikTok with his covers, leading to a contract with Arista Records in 2021, and has since established himself as a fully-fledged pop artist. Thomas has released a new single called “MASOCHIST” which is a pop anthem with an electrifying chorus that is likely to be popular with audiences in the future. The song reflects Thomas’ ability to turn his heartache into catchy, radio-friendly hits, similar to his previous singles “VICIOUS” and “The End”. Logan Meis directed the accompanying music video, which is now available below!

Make sure you check out “MASOCHIST” on YouTube and over on your favorite streaming platfom!

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