Creative Zebbler Encanti Experience Release Surreal “Syncorswim”, A Solo Experience For The Ages!

The world has an interesting way of weaving its own narrative and musicians just have to hitch along for the ride On our latest visit over to Gravitas we are checking out Syncorswim, the latest audio experience for the Zebbler Encanti Experience. A collective that spans across the seas, ZEE is a collaborative effort between visual artists Zebbler and the incredibly talented electronic producer Encanti. Originally based primarily on the United States East Coast, Encanti took the chance as COVID loomed on the horizon to flee to the Scottish Highlands. Literally, a day before Scotland closed its borders, Encanti fled the US to be with the love of his life and experience an entirely different environment to influence his earthly tones. With a specific vision growing in his mind, Encanti recruited Zebbler to create a custom audio visual fantasy world that listeners can explore at their own leisure. The result of this custom experience? Syncorswim 

Syncorswim is an incredibly unique experience for fans of minimalist, downtempo, and ambient music that are eagerly awaiting a freeing and emotional audio journey. In comparison to ZEE’s previous pre=pandemic collective works, Syncorswim takes a hard left turn into the world of glitch and surreal ambiance…creating a singular world for audiophiles to wander. Each track throughout the album gives the impression that it is peeling back and examining a different level of the human psyche, with Zebbler’s intriguing vision pairing up Encanti’s seasoned rhythmic beats. The duo’s chemistry is eerily amazing, almost as if they share a singular mind and are on the exact same wavelength as creators and listeners.  If anything, the amount of detail that ZEE added to Syncorswim creates a rare feeling that we don’t often experience among our normal rotation of music, as if we are completely isolated from the world and absorbing this performance as an audience of one. If you are a fan of downtempo, ambient, or the finer intricacies of minimal electronic music, the Zebbler Encanti Experience is a must follow and Syncorswim is a product that you have to explore yourself.

Check out the music video for Syncorswim on YouTube below or on your favorite platform!

**Note: Video does contain some nudity.

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