Electro-Pop Group May Have Explore Musical Freedom in New “Misunderstood” EP

You may have thought you found your sound, but surround yourself by like-minded musicians and they could easily elevate it. This time around we were sent Misunderstood, the latest EP from the talented musicians behind May Have. Originally starting out as a trio, musicians Maerin Hunting (vocals), Sebastian Balk Forcione (drums), and Matt Rousseau (bass/synth) needed to find that extra ingredient to take their style to the masses. Later adding Dan Rougeau (guitar) and Emily Rockarts (vocals/keys) to the mix, May Have is now fully loaded with plenty of sounds at their disposal. Embracing the freed that the electro-pop genre allows, May Have creates music that will easily earworm its way into your rotation and won’t be that easy to be rid of.

Electro-pop leaves a lot of room for interpretation, not focusing too heavily on any rules that dictate what songs actually fall under its banner. All throughout Misunderstood May Have take advantage of these lack of “guidelines” and put their full array of instrumentals out on display for those eager to explore and give it a listen. An easy stand-out from Misunderstood is “Home”, a softer and optimistic track about individual growth and chasing your dreams. Hunting and Rockarts’s vocals sync up to create a more dream-pop like tone while being complemented by Rousseau’s addictive synth work and Rougeau’s organic instrumentals. Forcione holds everything together with his electro-inspired pop drums, allowing each musician to perform like a well-oiled machine. May Have may not have been on our radar for too long, but we are already ready to enjoy a May Have live experience, once allowed of course.

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